Reunion Basics

Class of 1988 25th Reunion: May 31 – June 2, 2013


As Jean mentioned in her recent class letter,

If you’re anything like me, you’ve looked at your calendar and spotted that penciled-in 25th Reunion! note somewhere on the year, and sat back, shocked and amazed! You say, “Surely it can’t have been 25 years since I last ran unfettered (like cold water in the showers) through the Pems… or cursed the drafty window sashes of Radnor… or slipped into English class 2 minutes late because there was a skirmish over donuts in Thomas Great during coffee hour… or sat waaaaaayy toooooo looooonng over coffee in Rhoads dining hall, just to avoid the threatening tower of work awaiting me in the dorm room…”

But alas, it’s true. Twenty five years have passed since we experienced the wonders and horrors of Bryn Mawr (though I’m absolutely certain none of us has aged a day in all that time). And just a few weeks from now, we will celebrate our 25th Reunion – will you join us? Whether this will be your first time back to campus since graduation or you’ve been back every year since, please consider attending – Reunion wouldn’t be the same without you!


May 31 – June 2, 2013


We’ll be staying in the Pems, as part of a 1980s Reunion cluster.


To reconnect with friends and celebrate each other, of course!


As you wish – by plane, train, automobile; just be sure to get there!


By now, you should have received your Reunion registration packets; you’ll note that there is an expanded a la carte registration, compared to past reunions, which will allow you — and your families — greater flexibility with your budget.

1988_memento This year, our class memento is a beautiful silver or pewter owl pendant, available for purchase at registration (although if you can’t attend Reunion, I expect you would still be able to purchase a memento anyway).

What can I expect?

Our Reunion weekend is May 31 through June 2, 2013, and we have some really cool stuff planned. Recently the College switched from doing the 3-year cluster reunion arrangement to a decadal reunion. And this year — our 25th — is the 80s Decade Reunion! Finally, maybe you’ll get to see your old Customs Person again! Or that woman who was a frosh when you were a junior. And the 80s classes get both Pem East and West (or reduced rates at the local hotels for people who don’t want to “rough it.”)

I wouldn’t miss this for the world! How do I register?

Reunion registration packets have been mailed out. If you did not receive one, it’s because the Alumnae Office does not have your current mailing address, so you can download the info from their website. You can also register online (preferred!), per the instructions you should have received in an e-mail sent to you April 2. The postmark deadline for mailing your Reunion reservations is May 17, so don’t delay!

We’ll do everything we can to make this a weekend to remember. You can do your part by being there!

Hope to see you in May!

Helena, Paula, Jean, Marisa, Madeline, Pam, and Dawn

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