Step Sing

What’s Reunion without Step Sing? Songbooks will be available at Step Sing, but a little brushing-up on your ancient Greek lyrics never hurt. Here, please find lyrics for the songs we’ll be singing at Step Sing: Sophias, Pallas Athena, We Are Freshmen, and To Portsmouth. To hear the audio for Pallas Athena, click here.


Sophias philai paromen,
Philokaloumen, met euteleias
Philosophoumen aneu malakias
Plouto ergou kairo chrometha
Athlon ariston kai kindunon Tonde
Kalliston nomizomen
Enthoumoumetha orthos hosa
Praxomen orthos
Kalon to athlon kai elpis megale
Elpis megale
Kalon to athlon kai elpis megale
Elpis megale
Nai, megale.

To Portsmouth

To Portsmouth, to Portsmouth
It is a gallant town!
And there we’ll have a jug of wine
And a nutmeg brown diddle-down!
The gallant ship, The Mermaid, the lion hanging round
Did make us to spend there
Our fifteen pence all round!

Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena, Thea
Mathematos kaisthenous
Par’ hemeieis imen
Hireusousai soi, deine.

Hireusousai soi, deine,
Hireusousai soi, deine,
Hireusousai soi, deine,
Hireusousai soi, deine
Akoue, akoue.

Makarize, aitoumen.
Hemin sophian didou.
Hemin syngignou aei.
Makar thea, akoue.

Makar thea, akoue…

Akoue, akoue.

Hierize nyn tous lykhnous
Aei phanos phaoien
Lamprynontes ten hodon
Melan phanon poiuntes.

Melan phanon poiuntes…

Akoue, akoue.

We Are Freshmen

To the tune, We Are Sixteen

We are freshmen, innocent freshmen
Pure as the fallen snow.
Sophomores berate us.
Clearly, they hate us.
They know where they can go!

They are Sophomores, older not wiser
They think they’re number 1.
False accusations, ruined relations.
How can they call this fun?

Willing, and sweet and kind are we
While all the sophomores grump.
Waiting with bated breath are we,
To watch the Sophomore Slump!

They need Freshmen, eager young Freshmen
Telling them what is true.
Go on, Sophomores, have fun at Hell Week
We’ll get back at you!

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